How to Maintain Figure Like Emma Watson

Emma Watson is most popular Actor in all of world. she is make movie for hollywood. she give many super hit movie like harry potter, Noah, The Bill Ring, Your Voice in my head and others.She maintain her figure by strict dieting and doing exercises.Some Basic tips of Emma Watson Dieting Tips.

  • She is never eat any high fat food.
  • Don’t eat Bread, butter, Cheese and other fast food.
  • Follow one strict dieting.
  • Eat more vegetable and fruits.
  • Non-veg eat but more calories not more fat.
  • Daily one hour morning in gym.
  • Daily thirteen minute walking on garden.
  • Drink more water and juice.
  • Daily Play oblique rolls and ball passes.

This some common tips of maintain body like Emma Watson. She is looking good and most beautiful women in world.

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