How to Stop Growth and Remove of unwanted Body Hair

Every Man and Woman want to look attractive, but some man and woman face unwanted body hair we give tips to you how to remove or stop unwanted body hair and growth of this hair.For Men Beard Hair is good and every man want long beard and women are want long and silky hair of head, but any one not like body hair. some man have unwanted hair in whole chest and they are not like unwanted hair. today we give some home remedies tips and some special tips for remove or stop unwanted hair growth.

1. Sugar and Lemon for Face Hair

Some people have unwanted hair in face, like some girls have face hair and some boys have long Eyebrow that is unwanted hair for them. they are try to remove or stop growth of this hair, but some time they use Skin Cream, Face Cream or trim unwanted hair but unwanted face hair not remove permanently. if they are mix Sugar and lemon and bleach to face daily. than this tips is give very effective result for unwanted hair. Lemon is give natural grow of your face and sugar is give brightness of your face and These three ingredients combine to help effectively remove hair on your face as well as other parts of the will also mix honey in this juice.

2. Raw Papaya

Papaya is so much more than one fruits. Papaya is full pack of vitamin and Ayurveda medicine of most of body problem. The best thing about papaya is that it is  highly nourishing for your skin and it can be applied even to those with highly sensitive skin. also root of papaya is helpful for body and skin hair. for unwanted hair make cubes of papaya and create mask of papaya to your face and other body part where you want to remove unwanted hair.

3. Egg Mask

Egg is also good for skin and it is remove unwanted hair from body and face.Egg is specially remove unwanted face hair.make one mask of egg on face and after ten minutes remove this mask, when ever you remove this mask that time your face unwanted hair is remove with mask easily.

Other food and drink of remove unwanted body or face hair is more drink water. don’t tack high fat food or not eat more oily food.

Basic tips of Remove Unwanted Body Hair

  • Start Waxing, Waxing is painful but it is very effective at reduce unwanted body hair growth. waxing is remove hair from root of hair.
  • Drink spearmint Tea, one study say that if we drink spearmint tea can decrease the levels of androgens, the male testosterone that is one of the major causes of excessive hair growth, in a woman’s blood stream.
  • Shave the Area, if your body hair growth is too much that time you also cut your body hair and you also shave of the area which is more body hair.

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