The Most Luscious Tips to Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shade For You!

“My lips like sugar, my lips like sugar

This candy got you sprung, this candy got you sprung

So call me your sugar, so call me your sugar

You love you some, you love you some!”

The good, old Flo Rida song crooned melodramatically in the backdrop, as we fleeted across our dorm room, freaking out and getting all the last minute things done for the big, big party!  As I got ready for the valentine prom, my friends and I stared bemused at each other, befuddled at the very thought of choosing the perfect lipstick shade to rock our iconic makeup look. Yes! We are a group of three young university girls, acquiring a prestigious scholarship from the Yale University and apart from our incredible genes, we are also very popular for the breathtaking knack of glamour all of us are blessed with! We also do part time jobs at a diva fashion magazine and I guess this explains it all!

But, this time, despite our awesome, mind boggling makeup sense, we were quite overwhelmed at the very idea of attending a valentine prom party thrown by our fashion workplace and it almost made each one of us hysterical! The valentine prom was an extravagant affair and due to nerve wracking pressure of participating in this really showy, rather say, ostentatious event, we wanted everything to be more than perfect. And, to make things right during a makeup spree, one has to extra, extra watchful about choosing the right lipstick shade, isn’t it?!

Having a pair of gorgeously luscious, cherubic lips is perhaps the biggest dream of any girl in the world, specially a young one, who begins her flight of growing up and discovering the maze-like, bewildering changes associated with the trials and tribulations of a madcap teenage journey!

Ask a teenager about her biggest, unfulfilled dream and undoubtedly, she would reply, that she would kill to flaunt the prettiest pout in the world! But Alas! Everyone doesn’t have the Luck Lady smiling at them like the present day Aphrodite of the Most Wooing Lips; namely Angelina Jolie, or other celestial divas like Lana Del Ray and Christina Hendricks! So, coming back to our discussion, me and my peers stared, puzzlingly, at the never ending, maddening maze of bouncing palette of lip glosses, alluringly dark lipsticks, rouges and lots more, all tucked up in alluring, custom lipstick boxes!

The sundry lipstick collection drove us nuts, till a university senior just tapped in and made life easy for us! She shared the most promising makeup tips she had learnt during her job days at the M.A.C store, while we listened it with bated breath, and indeed, they are worth a shot!  This, was perhaps the most absorbing makeup discussion of my life, and as she spoke excitedly, I stumbled across the best lipstick tips, too!

So here it goes…


Prettify them with Great Exfoliation!


Well, to have the cutest, sweetest lips that almost look like charming petals of roses, learn to adapt them to a routinely regimen of exfoliation at least once or twice a week, especially before going for matte liquid lipstick. This tip would immediately remove the dried flakiness on the lips, which is more obvious during the winter spell. You can easily scrape off the dryness with the help of a wet toothbrush and use an effective lip moisturizer.


Protect the Priceless Wonder of your Lips!


Yes, having a beautiful pair of lips is the most divine feeling and to protect their pricelessness, should be your prime focus! The lips are the most delicate form of skin and to shield them against environmental abrasions, especially sunlight, use an effective sun block agent, such as SPF 30.


Define your Skin Tone!


The tone of your complexion plays a governing role to select the most beautiful lipstick shade for an individual and as said, as complexions vary, so do the shades! Conferring upon your complexion and its tone, you have to figure out which type of shades suit you in particular and this is quite easy. All you need to do is examine the actual tone of your complexion in daylight and apply the dreamy, starry-eyed master- formula most makeup connoisseurs use these days! For fairer tones, use a bevy of heavenly, glistening shades such as the light pinks, peach shades, coral hues or the baring nude shades such as soft mocha, in case of a cooler undertone. However, if your complexion is warm toned, then try opting for the pristine pale pinks blended with a smooth, velvety texture.

Similarly, if you have a medium complexion, use the enriching shades of the rosy mauves or the flash the exotic berry hues. In case you are olive complexioned or tanned, go for the shades with a carroty undertone, such as deep pinks or corals.

For the ebony colored brunettes, the deep wine shades or caramel work wonders and make that angelic smile bedazzle the spellbound bystanders!


Check the Size of your Lips:


If you have a small pair of lips, use creamy textured glosses and light shaded lipsticks to beautify the real shape. In case of plumper, fulsome lips, use the darker, musky lipstick shades like ruby-reds and the shadowy wines.


Examine your Hair Color:


Check the color of your hair and if it is dark, use the brighter hues of pink, crimson and plum like lipstick shades. However, if you are a blonde, then use the dusty shades of airy pink colors.

For the red haired beauties, terracotta and burnt sienna shades are recommended.

A good news for the brown haired ladies; you can easily use the corals and deeper hues of pinks too.


Bewitch the Onlookers with the Glittery Magic:


If you wish to entrance the party onlookers, simply sprinkle a coat of glittery magic, makeup dust on your lips and conquer them all!


Blot it up!


And now, for the last, but not the least, here is the best tip, once you apply the lipstick, do not rush and forget to blot it in a scurry! This would ruin the entire hard work! Apply a round of lipstick, blot it with a vanity tissue, and sway your lips with the ending coat!  

Sealed with a kiss, hope you loved to read this blog and I hope, you would soon apply these handy tips to sport the best lipstick shade in the town!

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